In a high-stress situation where emotions and tempers are running hot, one person may say something that they later regret. This is often what happens in Domestic Violence cases and why it is so important to have a Beverly Hills Defense Lawyer on your side right away.

The consequences of being arrested and convicted of a domestic violence offense are serious. They can impact visitation rights with children, employment (if it involves contact with a co-worker or supervisor), housing acceptance, and your freedom. A conviction also comes with a stigma that can permanently damage your social life and cause a great deal of emotional trauma for you and your family.

Many domestic violence incidents occur as the result of mutual combat during arguments between spouses, co-workers, friends or roommates. The problem is that when police are called, they will make an arrest and prosecute the incident – even if the accuser does not want to go forward with a criminal case. As a criminal attorney, I have seen many such situations and the results are devastating for all parties involved.

In my 14 years of experience, I have seen that it is critical to get a seasoned Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Attorney on your side early in the process. If the lawyer can engage with the investigators and prosecutors at the very beginning of the investigation, this can sometimes result in the case being dropped or reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.

An experienced criminal attorney can also assist you in obtaining a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (also known as a “Possession of a Weapon for Violent Crime” or “PVC”) to protect you from further harm. The restraining order is often required prior to filing the criminal case. This can be a very complex legal issue that requires the attention of a highly qualified criminal attorney.

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