The doors of your home play a vital role in protecting you and your family from pests, cold drafts, and other issues that can impact the health and comfort of your home. Because doors are used so often, they can experience significant wear and tear over time, making it important to keep an eye on small problems that could turn into larger ones. A handyman can help with all kinds of door repairs and maintenance tasks, from installing a new handle to repairing a broken lock. When you are choosing a handyman service to hire, look for one with these traits:

Effective Door Repair by a Handyman

If your doors are not functioning properly, it’s important to take action right away before the problem gets worse. Taking steps like adding weatherstripping and maintaining them regularly can prevent damage and ensure that your doors continue to work as intended. You can also keep an eye out for signs that your door needs repair, such as a squeak or resistance to opening and closing.

Squeaky Hinges

If you hear squeaking coming from your entryway door hinges, it’s a sign that they need to be lubricated. Using a screwdriver or hammer, you can pry each hinge pin out and rub them down with oil, then insert them back into the hinges. Depending on the amount of damage to the hinges, they may need to be replaced altogether.

Stiff Doors

A stiff door can be caused by a variety of things, including improper installation or old age. A handyman can relubricate the hinges to make the door move more smoothly, or they can replace them completely to restore proper function.

Damaged Frames

Over time, the frames of your doors can sag or break down, leaving gaps between them and the ground/floor or forming around the edge of the door. These gaps can let cold air into your home in the winter and hot air out in the summer, leading to higher heating and cooling costs. A handyman can reseal the gaps and add weather stripping to your doors to prevent air leaks.

Broken or Damaged Locks

If your door locks aren’t functioning properly, it could be because of a misaligned lock that needs to be re-installed, a broken lock mechanism that requires replacing, or an issue with the door jamb that needs to be repaired or replaced. A skilled Plano handyman will be able to diagnose the issue and provide the appropriate repair services.

Torn Screens

A ripped screen on your door lets bugs, dust, and other debris into your home. A handyman can install a new screened door or replace the existing one to keep your home sealed and bug-free.

A quality handyman can perform a wide range of door repair and maintenance tasks, so it’s best to leave the big jobs to them, especially when they involve major structural changes. They can also help with other projects around the house, such as painting or staining doors, to refresh their appearance. To learn more about how a reliable handyman can help you, contact a door repair & replacement services in Memphis today. For more details visit